One PEP a Week

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This is another of those attempts we think that will last for a long time, but has a huge potential of happening only once and never again. Anyway, here we go.

One PEP a Week will be a personal project in which every week I’ll review one PEP that I find relevant, give some opinions on it and, hopefully, learn a lot. Please note that these posts will be filled with opinions and potential mistakes, so be kind on the feedbacks. Thanks in advance!

(I still don’t know how I’ll collect feedback. I’m not very fond of the idea of adding a comment plugin here so, meanwhile, send me a message on Twitter! Look for the TW in the footer or click here.)

Ok, first post will come at any moment in this upcoming week. Maybe tomorrow, who knows. It will be about PEP 498, which implements string interpolation, an awesome feature that does more than the %-formatting, without the need of the famous str.format() method.

See you there!

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